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INTRODUCTION↩. It seems useful, in presenting to English readers this selection of the works of Voltaire, to recall the position and personality of the writer and the circumstances in which the works were written. It is too lightly assumed, even by many who enjoy the freedom which he, more than any, won for Europe, and
The Treatise on Tolerance on the Occasion of the Death of Jean Calas from the Judgment Rendered in Toulouse is a work by French philosopher Voltaire, published in 1763, in which he calls for tolerance between religions, and targets religious fanaticism, especially that of the Jesuits (under whom Voltaire received his
Introduction.--In connection with the death of Jean Calas.--On superstitution.--On the interpretation of the Old Testament.--On the interpretation of the New Testament.--Epistle to the Romans.--The sermon of the fifty.--The questions of Zapata.--We must take sides; or, The principal of action.--Poem on the Lisbon disaster.
It would be a waste of time, in this matter, to publish any number of tracts for or against the eight judges of Toulouse, for or against religious tolerance; neither the Council nor any other court of law would admit such books in evidence. This essay on tolerance is a humble request made on behalf of humanity before the forces
Voltaire: A Treatise on Toleration (1763). Voltaire was the most eloquent and tireless advocate of the anti-dogmatic movement known as "The Enlightenment." He argued in favor of "deism," a vague substitute for traditional religion which acknowledged a creator and some sort of divine justice, but rejected most of the other
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VOLTAIRE. Treatise on Tolerance.. BRIAN MASTERS. The Story of Elisabeth Canning and the Calas Family. An Address to the Public concerning the Parricides imputed to the Calas and Sirven Families. An Account of the Death of the Chevalier de La Barre. The Cry of Innocent Blood.
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Voltaire took on several legal battles involving religious prejudice, and often secured reversals of imposed sentences. He began writing more strongly against institutional religions and superstitious beliefs and produced his 1764 Traite sur la tolerance (Treatise on Tolerance). After a thirty-year absence he returned to Paris

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